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Mini Doodles




“Oodles of Adorable Mini/Moyen Goldendoodles”


We are happy to announce our F1B Mini/Moyen Goldendoodles have arrived!!  We have a amazing litter of baby girls and boys available that will be ready for their new homes     Dec. 7th – Dec. 14th.  We are expecting these little ones to range between 35 – 45 pounds.  Please drop me a email doodles@fourpawsdoodles.com for more info


We are also excited to announce that we have little ones available out of our F1B Mini/Moyen Goldendoodle litter that will be ready for their new homes Dec. 21st – expected size range is 35 – 45 pounds.  doodles@fourpawsdoodles.com



Mini Australian Labradoodles



We are excited to announce Emma & Graham’s  Mini Australian Labradoodles have arrived!!   These little ones are expected to be between 20 – 30 pounds and will be ready for their new home October 19th!!   Please drop me a email for more information.  




 Australian Labradoodle History

The Labradoodle was bred over 20 years ago in the 80’s in Australia by Wally Conran of the Royal Guide Dogs in Victoria, Australia. The breed was developed by the intentional breeding of a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle. This mixed breeding was done after several years of research to find an allergy friendly guide dog for a family in Hawaii. Originally several samples of Poodle fur were sent to the family. Unfortunately they all caused allergic reactions to the husband of a blind woman. That is when the idea of breeding this mix breed came to fruition. The first litter only produced three puppies and with much success one of the three puppies tested positive for being allergy friendly. This dog was known as Sultan and went on to be trained as a guide dog. In order to further enhance the allergy friendliness of the Labradoodle breeding started to take place that included breeding Labradoodle to Labradoodle to make Double Doodles. Then breeding of Double Doodle to Double Doodle took place to produce a Tri Doodle. This type of breeding alone did not prove to create a consistently non shedding, allergy friendly dog with the temperament suitable to become a service dog; therefor additional breeds were profiled and added to create what we now know and call the Australian Labradoodle. This infusion was meant to enhance the Australian Labradoodle’s temperament, coat, health, companionship and keen skills. Today there are few American Labradoodle breeders who use the original formula to produce their Labradoodles. Thus creating two different breeds of Labradoodles, generally known as the Australian Labradoodle and the American Labradoodle or the Multi-Gen or Early-Gen Labradoodle.  Please come back to this page  to read about the developments of the Australian Labradoodle and their continued progression to breed recognition as a pure breed dog.

Breed Standards

The Australian Labradoodles Temperament and Soundness are the two KEY elements in a good family companion; they must not be sacrificed for any reason and is our goal in raising all of our puppies.




  Please drop me a email for more info doodles@fourpawsdoodles.com



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